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Getting Started  
The following sections tell you how to start preparing your tax return using eTaxCanada™. Please also refer to our support center for more information.  
1. Creating a New Return:  

When you first open eTaxCanada™ 2013, you will be prompt with installation wizard. You can choose to intall the software in your computer, or just use it in your web browser. At first, you will need to create a new profile/return by clicking on the New Profile button at the bottom. For couples, we recommend that you build your return along with your spouse our common-law partner's return together, by checking the box in the "Joint return" section of the "Family Information" page. Please refer to 4 ways to start preparing your tax return for more information.

2. Editing a Created Return:  

Until you have submitted your return (via NETFILE or mail) you can continue to change the information on your returns either by adding new slips or by clicking on amounts and entering new numbers. The To-Do list will suggest areas on your return that may need to be reviewed and edited. You can feel free to ignore the tips provided by the To-Do list if they do not pertain to you. 

  3. Field Types & Navigating Through Related Forms:  

You can open any Federal or Provincial Forms from the Workspace page. On the form you will notice both green and blue numbers. The green numbers indicate information that flows from another form; the blue numbers are calculated by the software using the information within the form.

Clicking on any of the green numbers will navigate you immediately to another Form. Navigating between forms is helpful if you are trying to locate an error in your Return, or if you want to understand how a certain number was generated. Otherwise, the easiest way to complete your Return is to start from the slips (for example, start by entering your T4 slips, rather than clicking on line 101 in your T1).
  4. Starting from the Slips:  

The simplest way to start completing your 2013Tax Return is to start with your slips. From the Workspace page, simply click on the type of slip you need to add (listed in the left-hand column). If the tab page appears blank, you have to click the "Add" button (found in the navigation bar under the form) to add a new slip (e.g. T4). You may need to add one or more than one of a single type of slip, for example if you have more than one T4. If that is the case, click on the type of slip you require, and then click the "Add" button. When the blank slip appears, fill in the fields using your own copy of the slip.

As you add your slips, the software will automatically input your information into the Federal and Provincial forms that you require. Other information, such as RRSPs or dependents, should also be entered manually, if applicable.

  5. Checking your To-Do list:  

The easy-to-use To-Do List will guide you through filling out your forms.

Once you have filled in all the necessary Family Information, the To-Do List will continue to provide you with tips and suggestions for your return. Each suggested action will be divided according to the Form to which it is related. To follow up on any of these tips, simply click on the item on the To-Do list, and the software will take you to that Form right away. As you complete each action, it will disappear from the To-Do List.

Once you have completed your Return, some Tips may still appear in the To-Do list; however, these are friendly reminders, and can be ignored.
  6. Filing Your Return:  

There are two ways to file your return using eTaxCanada™ 2013. You can either print a hard copy and mail it to your tax centre, or submit it using NETFILE.

To NETFILE your return, begin by pushing the "NETFILE Wizard" button to launch the Wizard. You may need to clear remaining items on your To-Do List before you can continue. The Wizard will ask you questions to ensure that you are eligible to NETFILE with the CRA. If you are eligible, the Wizard will create a ".tax" file for you. Once you have saved your ".tax" file, a NETFILE Assistant dialogue box will appear on your screen, providing detailed instructions for how to NETFILE. If you want to NETFILE your return right away, then please keep this Assistant dialogue box open.

Next, go to You will be required to fill out your personal information, date of birth and social insurance numbers. You can then browse the ".tax" file built by the NETFILE Wizard. A handy function that can save you the effort of browsing is the NETFILE Assistant dialogue box. SImply click on the "Copy" button on the dialogue box, click on the text box beside the "Browser" button on the NETFILE web page, then paste the file path string into the text box using Ctrl+V. You are then ready to submit your return by clicking on "I agree, File my return now!" If your return is accepted by the CRA, a confirmation number will appear on the screen. Make sure to record this number in a secure place.

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