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eTaxCanada™ 2010 for Windows and eTaxCanada™ Online 2010 are free to try.

It is free to use eTaxCanada™ 2010 for NETFILE and/or computer-printed paper returns if either of the following conditions applies to you:

  • you were a student at any time during 2010 (line 320 on your Federal Schedule 11 is claimed), or
  • your net income at line 236 of your 2010 T1 return is less than $25,000. 
This This free offering will end on April 30, 2011.

You need to pay a fee for NETFILE and/or to print paper returns if you are not eligible for the above free offerings. Please click here to check out the price list.
If yoIf you have any questions about eTaxCanada™ 2010, please feel free to contact us  

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