a Always use the latest version to prepare your tax return:  

In order to file your tax return to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you should always use the latest version of eTaxCanada™ 2006.

If you have installed eTaxCanada™ 2006, you can check for the latest version in the software. Select the menu Help > Check for Updates, and follow the instruction in the Update Wizard to update your eTaxCanada™ 2006.



Download and Installation Instructions:  
eTaxCanada™ 2006 Windows MAY NOT support Windows 98 and Windows ME . If you are using Windows 98 or Winidows ME (with IE explorer 6 or higher), you can use eTaxCanada™ 2006 Online to prepare your tax return.
  1. Download eTaxCanada™ 2006 (Version 2006.8.0.41063) Setup.zip (3.99MB) or eTaxCanada2006.msi (4.02MB), and save it to your hard drive.
  2. If you download the Setup.zip file, un-pack the Setup.zip file to a temporary folder.
  3. Check the digital signature of the downloaded installation package. (See next section)
  4. Double click the Setup.exe file or eTaxCanada2006.msi file and follow the instructions to install.
  5. You may need to install Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 before you install eTaxCanada™ 2006 windows version. Click here to download .NET framework 2.0 from Microsoft.com.
  6. After you have successfully installed eTaxCanada™ 2006 windows version, click Phanku eTaxCanada 2006 in the Start Menu. You may now begin preparing your tax return.
a About the Digital Signature
  All eTaxCanada™ 2006 (Windows) installation packages come with digital signatures, signed by Phanku Software Corporation. You can check the digital signature with the following steps:

    1.   If you download the Setup.zip file, un-pack the Setup.zip file to a temporary folder.
    2.   Right click on the eTaxCanada2006.msi file and choose Properties option.
    3.   Select Digital Signatures tab to view the signature.

  We will not be responsible for the eTaxCanada™ 2006 provided by sources other than www.etaxcanada.com. If the eTaxCanada™ 2006 installation package you downloaded DOES NOT have a digital signature or there is anything wrong with the signature, please contact us (contact@etaxcanada.com).
a Supported Provinces and Forms:


eTaxCanada™ 2006 supports Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and all federal personal tax programs except for CAIS (Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization).

For detailed information, please visit our exclusion page and supported form page.

a System Requirements
  1. Intel Pentium 533MHz or compatible, 1GHz or higher recommended.
  2. Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP.
  3. Approximately 20MB hard drive space and 256MB RAM memory required, 512MB memory recommended.
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 required. Click here to download from Microsoft.com.
a If you need eTaxCanada™ 2005

Please visit www.etaxcanada.com/05/download.asp.

Note: eTaxCanada™ 2005 can NOT file your tax return for the 2006 tax year.


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