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Creating a New Return:  


A new return can be created with just one click of the file menu! From here you will notice a blank workspace, and inside this workspace you should double click the appropriate item in the to-do list in order to start your guided tour through your first error free tax return. This is by no means the only option of filing your
taxes with eTaxCanada. As well having access to the error free process just mentioned, you also may go directly to your T1 form and enter your personal information there. Or, if you like, you can start immediately by entering your T slips and other information. The result will be calculated in real-time, and, as a result, the return can be validated in real-time. Any error or warning will show in the To-do List, therefore you always know how close your return is to "Ready to NetFile".

The Workspace is a powerful tool that you will easily what are the support forms and what forms that you have used for the return. Then you can go to check or edit individual from or slip by just one click.

The To-do List is another powerful tool that you will easily clear the error or warning that is applicable to your return according to CRA’s specification. You will happily avoid the lengthy navigating through wizards, so called “review” or “validation”. This is a true time saver.


Click here for detailed screen shots.
Editing a Created Return:  


In order to add your T slips, please click the appropriate link on the workspace. If you use the slip(s) and/or forms you will notice that the link will become highlighted.

If the slip/form you are filing supports multiple instances you will need to add a new slip/form by clicking the blue link entitled “Add a new slip”. The bar on the left tells you which slip you are working on if you have more than one. Click here for detailed screen shots.

Use the “Remove this slip” link if you need to delete a slip.



Field Types & Navigating Through Related Forms:  


The fields on eTaxCanada forms will belong to one of these three following types:

  • Input Field:Can be seen as an input box or a dropdown list, and is in a Black font. This is the only field with which you may enter a value.
  • Linked Field: Is shown in a Green font, and this field is based on a value from another corresponding form. You cannot override it.
  • Calculated Field: Is shown in Blue font, and this field is calculated based on the fields present on the current form. You cannot override it.
Among the various tax forms you will find that many of the fields are related, and hence many fields are represented in a Green font. For an example please take a look at the screen shot linked below. In Line 1 you can enter your applicable information, and Line 2 will show the corresponding value from the T2202A slip. If you place your mouse over Line 2 a hand shape will appear, and you will be able to click the mouse in order to jump to the T2202A slip page. From here you may enter or edit the information on your T2202A slip. While on the T2202A slip page, a simple rightclick of the mouse will return you to the previous page, which in this case, is Schedule 11.


Click here for detailed screen shots.
Filing Your Return:  


Once you have finished entering your information on the return, and have cleared the error message from the To-do list, your error free return is ready to be filed with the CRA.A warning may appear in the To-do list; however, it is only a friendly reminder, and can be ignored.

We recommend filing your return electronically using NETFILE. The CRA outlines benefits in using NETFILE below.
For more information, please visit

  • secure and confidential;
  • faster refunds (in as quick as eight business days);
  • greater accuracy (with the use of software, CRA don't re-key the information, and there is less chance of errors);
  • no paper return to mail;
  • no receipts to send in, unless CRA ask for them at a later date; and
  • immediate confirmation that CRA have received your tax return.

Before you can use Netfile you have to have a CRA provided four-digit access code. If you didn’t get the access code in the mail, then you can visit to find out how you can obtain it.

Saving the .TAX file to upload
Once you have completed your error-free return, and you are ready to file, please use Menu > Tools > NETFILE to start the eTaxCanada NETFILE wizard. The wizard will guide you through the process of generating the .TAX file. Once the process is completed, a file with a .TAX extension will be created, and you
can choose where to save it. Please read the NETFILE wizard pages carefully to confirm that you are eligible to use NETFILE. For more information on the CRA’s restriction in the use of NETFILE please visit When you file your return on the CRA's website, please remember where you stored your .TAX file.

Important Notes:
Don't use the .T05 file for NETFILE!
If you change your return after generating the .TAX file, then you have to run the wizard to generate the .TAX file again; the software will NOT automatically update your .TAX file.

After the .TAX file is generated, you have to open your browser and go to Please follow the online instructions in order to submit your .TAX file.


You may print a copy of your return by going to File > Print in the menu.



Please contact us if you have any questions. We will response to you as soon as possible.

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