Restriction for eTaxCanada™ 2005 (2005 Tax Year)

eTaxCanada™ 2005 is tax filing software for 2005 tax year. It can handle the majority of tax situations for people residing in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. However, there are some circumstances under which you will not be able to use eTaxCanada to prepare your income tax return:

  • If you were not a resident of Ontario, British Columbia, or Alberta at the end of the taxation year; or
  • If you are reporting Canadian Indians tax exemptions; or
  • If you are reporting logging tax credit; or
  • If you are reporting fishing income (T2121), farming income (T2042) or CAIS program (T1163, T1273); or
  • If you had business income in 2005 from another country, or a province or territory other than the one in which you lived at the end of the year.