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Download and Installation Instructions:





Download Setup.msi (4.32MB) and save it to your hard drive, or you can download the (4.14MB), save it, and un-pack it to a temporary folder. If you have Windows Installer you can use Setup.msi file, however, if you are unsure please download the file.
Install the software by double clicking the Setup.msi file or the Setup.exe file.
You may need to install Microsoft .NET 1.1 before you install eTaxCanada™ 2005. Check here to see if you have it installed.
After you have successfully installed eTaxCanada™ 2005, you can prepare your tax return and use NETFILE immediately.
If you are in need of support please visit our general support page. If you have any question please contact us.
For detailed product information and system requirements please refer to our product page.
We currently support AB/BC/ON taxes only. Please refer to the restriction list for details.  

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